Certification Ceremony in Korea | IFG Luxury Attitude

The Head of IFG Luxury Attitude, Tanja Valcic and an IFG Luxury Attitude Consultant, Vincent Tissier went to Korea, Seoul on the 17th and 18th of April, to deliver a “Train The Trainer” (TTT) training to Luxury Business Institute (LBI), long term partner of Inseec U. for the Asian Market.

The first objective for IFG Luxury Attitude was to deliver the TTT training to the Senior LBI Trainers and Business Developers in order to allow them to deliver the presential training to eMovie participants that are working in the Luxury sector. The result of this methodology is to create market differentiation through a differentiated service proposition and to increase value creation for Luxury Brands. The objectives of the Programme are the following:

  • To define in concrete terms the contours of attitudes and behaviours that convey service values in the luxury and high-end sector, in a “customer relationship” situation and placed the customer in the heart of Brands, the “Customer Centric approach”.
  • To be aware that human and aesthetic aspects are genuine added value and standing-out factors and understand individual responsibility in the enchantment of the Customer
  • To create a customer-focused corporate moments to become more efficient individually and collectively

This Transformational Program, based on the DNA of IFG Executive Education, People and Organisational Transformation, will empower all the Brand members. After this program participants will acquire all the skills and understanding necessary to develop and manage Luxury Brands and companies.

The second objective of this TTT was to empower the LBI teams to distribute the e-Movie in Korea and on the Asian Market.

We closed those 2 days with the Certification Ceremony to congratulate all the members of LBI that has been successfully Luxury Attitude Certified that we ended by a cocktail.

We wish to our LBI Partner a lot of success with the eMovie on the Asian market and we will continue to support them on this amazing journey.

Tanja Valcic
Head of IFG Luxury Attitude

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