Validation of Acquired Experience - VAE

Validation of Acquired Experience - VAE

Validation of Acquired Experience - VAE

Validation of prior learning: recognition for your career

Recognized by the French Labor Code, this scheme enables employees to gain recognition for their professional, volunteer or trade union experience by obtaining a professional certification registered with the RNCP (French National Register of Professional Certifications), in a way that is different from that of an end-of-training examination.

Validation of prior learning

Who is it for?

Validation of acquired experience is open to all persons, whether salaried (on fixed-term or permanent contracts, temporary workers, etc.) or non-salaried, jobseekers, volunteers or public sector employees, whatever their previously obtained diplomas/titles/certifications or level of qualification.

There's just one condition: you must have 1 year's continuous or discontinuous professional experience (salaried or non-salaried, volunteer...) related to the content of the targeted RNCP qualification.

Who finances it?

The VAE system is considered a training action within the framework of professional training. As such, the costs associated with VAE (study of admissibility, support, validation session) can be covered by your CPF, by your employer (via the OPCO), or by public funding bodies (Pôle Emploi, Conseil régional...).

VAE procedure

the 3 phases of VAE support are... 

Phase 1: Information, orientation, advice

Contact by e-mail or telephone with the VAE advisor to discuss the project for validation of prior learning, find out about the possible qualifications to be validated, and find out about the VAE procedure and funding options.

Phase 2: Examination of admissibility

Once the choice has been confirmed, the VAE advisor sends the admissibility file. The admissibility study determines whether - a priori - the skills acquired by the candidate in the course of his or her experience could correspond to the skills attested by the RNCP title in question.
This file must be returned completed and accompanied by the necessary supporting documents. It is examined by the VAE referent and the educational manager of the qualification concerned. Acceptance is notified within 2 months of receipt of the complete application.

Phase 3: Accompanying the drafting of booklet 2

In the event of positive admissibility, the drafting of Livret 2 can begin. The aim is to describe and analyze the skills and knowledge acquired during the candidate's professional and/or personal career, in relation to the skills reference framework of the qualification in question. Proof of these achievements must also be provided. Support may be offered. This consists of individual and/or group meetings, designed to provide a better understanding of the skills reference framework, and to review the candidate's professional and/or personal career in relation to this reference framework, in order to
provide the most relevant elements for this booklet.

Phase 4: Jury review

Once the livret 2 has been written and submitted, a VAE jury is organized. Its composition, as indicated on the RNCP sheet for the qualification concerned, includes professionals. The jury's oral presentation is an extension of the written file, and is designed to discuss and argue the candidate's experiences, and to assess skills in relation to the target reference framework.

After deliberation by the jury, there are several possible outcomes:
- Validation of all the skills required to obtain the qualification: the candidate receives a parchment certifying that he/she has obtained the qualification.
- Partial validation of the certification, i.e. obtaining certain blocks of skills making up the qualification: the candidate receives an attestation of the components acquired. The jury suggests ways and/or means of obtaining all the missing components of the certification.
- Non-validation: the jury informs the candidate in writing, setting out the reasons for its decision.

What is the validation of your acquired experience, or VAE?

First of all, it's important to really understand what validation des acquis de l'expérience, also known as VAE, is. It is one of system introduced by the French government since the law n° 2002-73 of January 17, 2002. The aim of this law is social modernization. To achieve this, the law introduced VAE, VAE leave, the Commission nationale de la certification professionnelle, also known as CNCP, and the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles, or RNCP. VAE enables you to validate your acquired experience to obtain a professional certification, a title title.

The process is open to everyone. Whatever your ageor your statusall you need to do is provide proof of at least one year's experience directly related to the targeted certification. Once you've established which certification corresponds to your experience, you need to submit a application form for admissibility with the Ministry or a certifying body. Once your application has been marked as admissible, you will undergo anassessment by a jury of professionals.

Please note you can only submit one file per year for the same certification. So it's best to take the time to prepare your VAE application in advance, to be sure of obtaining your qualification.

Why validate your acquired experience?

Wondering why you should validate your acquired experience? Thanks to this process, you : 

  • Get certified and promote your skills;
  • Validate your experience ;
  • Grow professionally and get promoted;
  • Match your certification to your level of responsibility;
  • Change jobs.

VAE enables candidates to obtain all or part of a diploma or certification by recognizing their professional and personal career path, provided they can show proof of at least one year's salaried or self-employed activity directly related to the diploma or certification in question. This means that candidates can obtain the diploma or certification without following the traditional training path. The candidate must hold a supervisory position and have management experience.(VAE process)

Benefits :

  • Support and guidance on the appropriate validation for your project and its financing by our VAE referents
  • Specialized VAE support from our coaches and professional consultants
  • Support eligible for the CPF

VAE is an opportunity for you to validate a diploma. It may be for personal reasons: you feel the need to evaluate your current skills. What's more, having your skills recognized by a state certification is an opportunity for you to progress in your career. In fact, once VAE has been accepted, you can use it to support an request for a promotion, or a raise, with your employer.


VAE is also an opportunity to upgrade your current level of education, so that you can join a top-level training program. In fact, in higher education establishments, you need to justify a certain level of study to be able to join certain programs. At IFG Executive Education, we offer distance learning masters and MBA programs, accessible from bac +4. Depending on your field of expertise, you may be able to take : 

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Who finances the validation of your acquired experience?

The VAE system is considered as a training action within the framework of professional training. As such, the costs associated with VAE (study of support, validation session) can be paid for by your CPF, by your employer (via the OPCO), or by public funding bodies (Pôle Emploi, Conseil régional...).

How to successfully validate your acquired experience?

Learn about the VAE process

The first step is to define your project. What certificates are you aiming for? Do you have sufficient evidence of your experience? To find out about the specifics of VAE procedures, always contact thecertifying body.

You must then complete form 12818*02 and send it to the certification authority or delegated body. Here is the list of items to be included in your application for admissibility filefrom the French government website :

  • all the information requested on the form has been completed and is necessary for processing and tracking the application;
  • proof ofemployment held ;
  • where applicable, proof of the most recent certification obtained and any training courses taken in relation related with the certification in question, or proof of a level of training ;
  • any specific supporting documents required to examine the validation request, as defined by the certification body issuing the professional certification or its delegated body.

Once the complete application has been received, the organization has a period two months to review thereview and make its decision.

If your application is deemed admissible, your course VAE continues and you must prepare for the validation stage. This is the jury's opportunity to check that you have indeed acquired all the skills required for the chosen certification. Following this interviewvalidation can be :

  • total ;
  • partial ;
  • refused. 

VAE coaching

As you can see, validating your acquired experience takes time and a lot of hard work. work. In order to maximize your chances of success, you have the opportunity to be accompanied in your VAE by an IFG Executive Education consultant. Our VAE support program includes :

  • individual interviews with our coaches ;
  • exploratory interviews, during which thecompanion analyzes your professional and personal experience;
  • interviews to explain professional activities in terms of the skills set out in the reference framework for qualifications or diplomas;
  • proofreading and correction of the file;
  • checking that the admissibility file has been properly compiled;
  • access to INSEEC U online resources;
  • coaching to prepare for the interview with the jury.

It's by preparing in the most comprehensive and professional way, you will succeed in your VAE.

Please note: each candidate has the opportunity to finance your professional training and VAE support.

Want to boost your career? Seize the opportunity to validate your acquired experience today. To maximize your chances of success, enlist the support of our VAE specialists and, together, draw up a plan action plan. You want to become an expert in your field, and you're wondering what it's like to take a distance learning master's ? Contact our training consultants today. Find out more about our online training. You don't live in France? Find out more about our master MBA in Africa.


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