Disability at IFG Executive Education

Disability at IFG Executive Education

At IFG Executive Education, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our welcome for participants with disabilities.

Our primary aim is not only to facilitate access to continuing education for disabled participants, but also to provide them with the day-to-day working comfort they need to devote themselves to their careers with complete peace of mind.

The disability may be temporary or permanent. In all cases, solutions exist, and participants have the option of being accompanied. To do so, the participant must meet with the disability referent.

Do you know of a participant with a disability? Is a participant experiencing difficulties in continuing their training?

Don't hesitate to discuss the matter with the participant: if he or she reports a disability that is hindering the smooth running of the course, ask him or her to contact the IFG Executive Education disability advisor.

But of course, this is a personal process that depends entirely on the participant concerned.

Do you suffer from a permanent or temporary disability?

Get in touch with the disability advisor to discuss and implement the adjustments that are right for you.

 At every stage of their career at IFG, participants can call on the support of the Disability Advisor and the various existing services.

Handicap referents

To benefit from this support, participants are invited to contact one of our disability advisors:

  • Irina ANELOK
  • Hydevers KOUAKOU

All he has to do is :

  • Report directly to your office on our Cœur Défense campus or on the Abidjan campus
  • Go through a member of the IFG Executive Education team (consultant, tuition department, etc....)
  • Send him an e-mail: referent-handicap@groupe-ifg.fr
  • Contact him by phone at :

For France

Vivien Mahicka Bandzouzi: +33(0)1 40 59 30 36

Irina Anelok: +33(0)1 81 51 16 50


For Africa

Hydevers Kouakou: +225 07 49 49 49 39

Studying with a disability at the OMNES Education Group: https: //www.rse-groupeinseec.com/handicap/

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