CSR & Sustainable Development training

CSR & Sustainable Development training

CSR & Sustainable Development training

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Our core expertise, management, has naturally led us to propose a dedicated Sustainable Development and CSR offering as of 2018. Keen to respond to the need to transform strategic and managerial thinking, we co-construct, through these courses, the possible responses of our learners and corporate customers, to the challenges of the energy, ecological and societal transition.

Our courses are made by and for you: have you heard of our corporate project course? It's an integral part of every MBA you take with us, and it's part of the real-life experience of the target companies you've chosen to study. Accompanied by a project manager and expert consultant, you will be required to implement a breakthrough strategy with a view to ensuring the sustainability of the chosen strategic directions.

Who can benefit from CSR & Sustainable Development training?

Our programs are aimed at a French-speaking audience wishing to sharpen or acquire their skills in the field of Sustainable Development and CSR in the workplace. Whether you're a professional in a management position, in retraining or just starting out, our programs are accessible at all times. They are available either remotely or in a blended* version, alternating between synchronous and asynchronous sessions.
*Blended: program integrating face-to-face training modules with synchronous and asynchronous distance learning modules.

What are the benefits of CSR & Sustainable Development training?

  • Our real-world pedagogy enables you to initiate the anchoring process right from the start.
  • Our certification process ensures academic and professional recognition
  • Our international alumni network and dedicated events give you the assurance of ongoing dialogue with an environment full of expertise and opportunities.

Key areas covered by CSR & Sustainable Development training courses

  • The challenges of sustainable development
  • Sustainable Development Strategy and Business Model
  • Governance and ecosystem
  • Social and environmental responsibility in the USA, Europe and Asia
  • Circular economy
  • Green finance and SRI
  • Sustainable territories and smart cities
  • Dialogue with stakeholders
  • Responsible Purchasing and Supply Chain

Develop your expertise with IFG Executive Education's CSR & Sustainable Development courses

Executive MBA
MASTER - Innovation, Enterprise and Society
Executive MBA Energy and Ecological Transition, CSR & Sustainable Development
Duration :
350 H
Blended, remote
MBA Online
Managing companies and organizations
Duration :
275 H
Managing companies and organizations
Managing the company's CSR strategy
Duration :
75 H
Mastering green finance
Duration :
30 H

The experts involved in IFG Executive Education's CSR & Sustainable Development training courses

Natou BAMBA-COLONConsultant - Expert in Sustainable Development and Impact Finance - Paris/Abidjan
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  • Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures Comptables et Financières (Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance)
  • ESCP Europe



  • Supporting companies on strategic development themes
  • Development banks
  • Impact Assessment
Gérald COHEN
Gérald COHENSenior Lecturer in Management Sciences at UHA - Mulhouse
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  • Master's degree in Econometrics
  • DEA in Economic Analysis
  • Doctorate in Economics



  • Innovation Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Regional development and innovation policies
  • Valuation strategies
  • Econometrics
Mafini DOSSO
Mafini DOSSOTeacher, Lecturer, Economist - Seville
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  • Master's degree in Economics, University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne
  • DEA in Economics of Industry and Services University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne
  • PhD in Economics University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne



  • Expert in the economics of innovation and industry
  • Intelligent specialization strategies and territorial development
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Technological change and intellectual property, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe
Hocine SADOK
Hocine SADOKDean of UHA Lecturer in Public Law, Trainer - Mulhouse
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  • DEA in International Law - University of Strasbourg
  • Doctorate in Law - University of Strasbourg



  • Local authority law
  • Sustainable Development Law
  • CSR: Dialogue with stakeholders
  • International standardization and regulation of SD and CSR
Barbara THOCQUENNECSR/SD Consulting and Training - Paris
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  • Master 2 HR - Paris Sorbonne University
  • GCI Certified Expert



  • CSR, Strategy and operational management, Management of multidisciplinary teams, Labor relations (CSR and CSE)
  • Helping small businesses define, build and promote their CSR approach
  • Design and run CSR training sessions
  • Preparation for ISO 26000 Responsible Management System audits to obtain labels (EcoVadis, Engagé RSE...)
  • Greenhouse gas assessments and carbon emission reduction plans.
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