DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration)

DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration)

DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration)

General Management
International Executive DBA management
Duration :
600 H

TheInternational DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) is a doctoral-level university degree with an international focus. It is aimed at high-level managers and executives with a Master's or MBA degree (or equivalent bac+5 level) with at least 5 years' professional experience.

IFG Executive Education offers this course in Management and Finance in partnership withUniversité Paris II PANTHÉON ASSAS.


Why a DBA?

For existing managers, it's very difficult to find the time to take a course as demanding as a traditional doctorate. as demanding as a traditional doctorate.

In response to this demand, the Doctorate of Business Administration, which take into account the constraints of professionals. They offer course timetables adapted to participants' professional obligations.

The International Executive DBA is compatible with the pursuit of a professional professional activity.


How does a DBA work?

A DBA takes place over an average of 24/30 months of blended learning (online + face-to-face courses), including international seminars.. As with a doctorate, the candidate is required to write a thesis which must be defended before a jury. During the DBA program, there are generally few courses, with the emphasis on writing the thesis.

The DBA enables professionals to take the time to to reflect on business issues and combine theory with practice. This new ideas and tools, all for the benefit of the company. the company.


The benefits of a DBA

In addition to enhancing the participant's expertise in the chosen field, the DBA gives access to the best professional professional opportunities on the job market. Indeed, to hold a position of responsibility a high level of academic recognition is essential.

Competition can be be tough in some large companies, and a DBA may just become the plus that gets you to get the job you want. This diploma opens the door to many different professions.

The DBA graduates are also highly valued for their expertise and ability to propose solutions and make strategic decisions.


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